Undergraduate Programs

At SLU we offer a variety of undergraduate degrees with professional and/or academic specializations. Most of the HND and BA degree programs have multiple specializations that may not be listed. For example, the HND in Business Administration has specializations like Accounting, Management, Banking and Finance etc. 

The Higher National Diploma (HND) in Cameroon is a professional degree and is the equivalence of an Associate Degree in the United States. At the end of the program students take a final exam administered by the Ministry of Higher Education. We offer the following HND programs:

  • HND in Business Administration 

  • HND in Communication

  • HND in Engineering 

  • HND in Computer Sciences

  • HND in Agricultural Technology

  • HND in Pharmacy (Pharmacy Technician)


  • Bachelor of Arts 

  • Bachelor of Education 

  • Bachelor of Business Administration 

  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology 

  • Bachelor of Science in Agriculture 

  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (State Registered Nurse) 

  • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy

  • Bachelor of Public Health 

Graduate Programs 

At SLU we are committed to working with students to fulfill their lifelong career goals. We understand that graduate education is challenging, and that each student is unique. So we respond to each student's individual needs by designing programs that maximize their academic potential.

Most MA and PhD programs consist of 36-45 credits, which include 12 to 15 courses. A maximum of 12 credits culminating experience and/or transferred courses can be applied towards the program.

Certificate programs consist of 15-24 credits, which are 5 to 8 courses. A maximum of 6 credits culminating experience and/or transferred courses can be applied towards the degree program.

To be awarded the degree or certificate, the student must complete all required courses and internships or dissertation with the minimum of a "B" Grade.


  • Master of Arts 

  • Master of Fine Arts

  • Master of Business Administration 

  • Master of Education 

  • Master of Public Administration 

  • Master of Public Health

  • Master of Science in Agriculture 

  • Master of Science in Engineering Technology 

  • Master of Science in Information Technology


  • Doctor of Philosophy (various specializations)

  • Doctor of Business Administration

  • Doctor of Education