Whether you’re just starting college, transferring from another school, or seeking graduate opportunities, SLU will provide the tools and skills you need to shape the future

Admissions Requirements 


Admission is open to students who meet the following criteria:
Have a High School Diploma GCE Advanced Level in at least 2 Subjects  
Have a Diploma or Transfer courses from an accredited institution
Have a Teacher's Grade One Certificate (If applying for Teacher education)

Application Procedure
In three simple steps, you can start the journey towards a lifetime career at SLU 

  • Complete an Application Form (Online or Paper)

  • Submit Official transcripts

  • Pay Application Fee  

Fill and Submit Application Form
For a timely processing of your application, we recommend that you use the Online Application Form. Alternatively, you can submit a Paper Application Form. Prospective students can download the Application Form from the website or obtain original Application Forms from the main campus or other approved locations. Complete Application Files should be submitted at the main campus in a Sealed A4 Envelop addressed to: 

St Lawrence University
Attn: Director of Admissions and Students Affairs
IMP Behind Boulangerie Lycee Ancienne Route
Bonaberi Douala Cameroon
BP 9641 Douala, Cameroon.

Submit Official Transcript 
Official Transcripts include: 
- Lower & Upper Sixth Transcripts
- O/L and A/L or Baccalaureate.
- Transcripts from previous schools (for transfer students)
- Teachers' Grade One  Certificate (for students in education programs)

Official documents must be: 
- Mailed or delivered by issuing institution in a sealed envelope bearing the stamp of the issuing institution
- Mailed or delivered by the student in a sealed envelope with an institutional seal
- Electronically delivered (email attachments or uploads) will be accepted. But, students MUST provide original copies before the beginning of classes.
- Program specific requirements may also apply depending on your area of interest and amount of prior learning experience transferred.

Pay Application Fees 
This Fee must be paid before your application is processed. Students ca pay via one of the following methods:
- At the Business Office at the Main Campus
- Directly to the University's bank account (or wire transfer) or
- Online with your visa or master card.