About CPEA


Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy is an oil and gas professional training institution providing training for onshore and offshore industrial and petroleum operations with a focus on long term courses, workshops, short courses.

CPE Academy is a competency-base professional training institution created with a global goal to implant oil & gas engineering competent skills or professions in Cameroon  through appropriate oil & gas engineering professional training programs and forums in the oil and gas sector leading to the removal of Cameroonians (especially the youths) from their poor static/whimsical inadequate oil and gas technological/engineering status to a more dynamic, self-reliant and less dependent oil and gas technological and engineering skills needed in the international oil and gas industry. 
CPE Academy provides multi-industrial oil and gas/petroleum orientations programs for On and Offshore industrial and petroleum operations to Cameroonian youths in view of the numerous industrial projects coming into Cameroon and those still projected both by the government of Cameroon and international investor. 


The Cameroon Petrochemical Engineering Academy is authorized and accredited by ​Ministry of Employment and Professional Training (MINEFOP). ​Accreditation No. 399/MINEFOP/SG/DFOP/SDGSF/ACD 

​MINEFOP is the Cameroon Government Ministry charged with the creation, organization and monitoring vocational and professional school.

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