About KTTC

Kencholia Teacher Training College trains highly qualified individuals with firm commitment to teaching, counseling, and education administration, and adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct.

To achieve our mission, we continually work to

  • Provide high quality training and professional teaching with the necessary skills and experience, which focuses on life skills, human development, mutual cultural understanding, and sustainable development.

  • Promote and strengthen a participatory management approach to assess student teachers' training, and development needs to become a leading teacher training college.

  • Encourage responsibility and professional leadership for our administrators, teacher trainers, and student teachers to meet the need for personal and professional development.

  • Provide a suitable environment for the professional development and academic advancement of KTTC staffs towards the achievement of individual and institutional vision. 

Our Philosophy

  • Our teachers are trained to develop and uphold the conviction that all primary school pupils have the potential to become skillful and productive members of society

  • Our teachers are trained to inquire and inspire, and to serve as role models to the pupils by adhering to values of honesty, respect and moral rectitude

  • Our teachers are acquainted with modern methods of research and teaching so that they can inspire their pupils to understand the importance of up-to-date technologies and techniques 

  • Our teachers are trained to be community development agents through a proactive support of development efforts that build a positive future for their society. 


KTTC is authorized and accredited by ​Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC). MINESEC is the Cameroon Government Ministry charged with the creation, organization and monitoring of Secondary and Professional School involved in the training of teachers.

To be a Certified Primary/Elementary School Educator/Administrator, students MUST pass the Final (Certification) Exam organized by MINESEC at the end of their program.​ ​


Our programs are designed to provide general education training to individuals who have the conviction that teaching is their calling. We offer programs that meet different needs depending on the student's past education level and background. 

Who is the program for?

  • Holders of the GCE Advance Levels who have a passion for teaching or working in the education industry. 

  • Holders of the GCE Ordinary Levels (4 paper minimum) who have a passion for teaching

  • Individuals who want to get the certification to become a primary (elementary) school teachers. 

  • Unlicensed PTA teachers, career changers, and others who feel the call to teach.

  • Private sector teachers who want to learn new skills, approaches and methods of teaching and making the classroom lively. 




Course Duration 

Our training programs are divided into levels ranging from 1 to 3 depending on the academic background of the student.

Level 1 is a three (3) years program for students who have a pass in the General Certificate of Education GCE Ordinary Level in 4paers

Level 2 is a two (2) years program for students who have a pass in the General Certificate of Education GCE Ordinary Level in 5+ papers or a pass in 1 Advanced Level paper.

Level 3 is a one (1) year program for students who have a pass in the GCE Advanced Level in 2+ papers.

Level 1 is a 3 years course - requires 4 O/L papers
Level 2 is a 2 years course - requires 5+ O/L Papers or 1 A/L paper
Level 3 is a 1 year course - requires 2+ A/L papers or some college

Teaching Practice  

To becoming a highly qualified teacher, in-classroom experience is an invaluable part. Through observation and practice, your in-classroom experience will help you elevate the academic knowledge and teaching skills you learn in the various courses. Teaching practice is a practical way of learning how to effectively and confidently tackle the challenges you will meet in your classroom as teachers.

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