Schools and Colleges

SBM has a robust selection of business courses, including business law, national and international tax policies, entrepreneurship, human resource management, supervision, management, marketing, logistics, international business and organizational development. You will also learn about real-world business problems and how to develop and apply solutions that will change the concept and world of business in your context.

We train students to become teachers that are committed to making a difference in the life of each student and the community. Teachers are major players in the intellectual and social development of children and young adults. We are committed to training teachers who can determine the future prospects of students and provide the tools and environment for students to develop into responsible citizens. 

We offer courses that help students to become highly skilled, effective civil engineers, electrical engineers and computer engineers (software developers, expert security managers, and leading-edge network systems engineers). The program is designed to provide learners the necessary theoretical and practical skills, knowledge and competence needed to gain comprehensive foundation and understanding of the area of computer support systems and engineering. Students who complete this program will be able to immediately take entry-level and intermediate roles in the area of Engineering and Technology. 

We prepare health and pharmacy professionals who are committed to provide high-quality, ethical, and empathetic patient-centered care. The combination of core sciences, critical thinking skills, management skills and effective communication enable the School to prepare future pharmacists to be strong patient advocates and leading health and pharmacy professionals in their communities. The programs prepare students to be active leading health specialists and pharmacists from community pharmacies to hospitals, schools and industries.

CPE Academy provides multi-industrial oil and gas/petroleum orientations programs for On and Offshore industrial and petroleum operations to Cameroonian youths in view of the numerous industrial projects coming into Cameroon and those still projected both by the government of Cameroon and international investor. 

We providing training for onshore and offshore industrial and petroleum operations with a focus on long term courses, workshops, short courses.

Kencholia Teacher Training College trains highly qualified individuals with firm commitment to teaching, counseling, and education administration, and adherence to the highest standards of professional conduct.