Degree Transition Program

The Degree Transition (Conversion) Program gives students the opportunity to transition from a Certificate/Diploma to a Bachelor's degree in their field of study. Unlike Transfer students who are only allowed to transfer a certain number of courses or credits, DT Program students transfer all their courses and simply take additional courses based on their transcript evaluation. DT Programs are usually one year FULL TIME intensive programs. DT Programs include: 

RN to BSc. Nursing
- Students must have completed three years of studies as State Registered Nurses or 
- Student should have completed a similarly nursing training without a Bachelor’s degree
- Students can complete their BSc. in Nursing in one year either on-campus or online. 

HND to Bachelor's Degree 
- Students must have completed a Higher National Diploma in an accredited institution approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Cameroon. 
- Students can complete their bachelor's degree in one year either on-campus or online. 
- Transition is available ONLY in specializations authorized by the Ministry.

DIPESS I and Grade I to Bachelor's Degree
- Students must have the Teacher's Grade 1 Certificate and two GCE A/Level subjects 
- Students with DIPESS I from First Cycle of ENS are also eligible 
- Students can complete Bachelor's degree in Education in one year either or on-campus or online 

DIPESS II, Graduate Diploma/Certificate to MA
- Students with the DIPESS II from Second Cycle of ENS
- Students from other Second Cycles institutions in Cameroon 
are eligible to complete a one-year program to earn a Master's degree in their specialization either on-campus or online.

If you have questions about your diploma, or certificate, please contact the Admissions Office at and they will be more than happy to assist you in making your transition decision.