Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees must be paid before the start of each semester or each year. Cash Payment can be accepted from students only at the main campus. Only the actual amount of funds received by the university shall be credited.

Application Fee                       50.000frs CFA ​
Health Insurance Fee             15.000frs CFA
Technology Fee (Semester)     5.000frs CFA
Student ID Card                        3.000frs CFA

Other fees: ​Check with your school/program director for any specific program related fees e.g. Laboratory Fee

Tuition (Undergraduate)
350.000frs CFA (Online)
400.000frs CFA 

Tuition (Graduate) 
​550.000frs CFA (Online)
600.000frs CFA 

International Students 
Please, contact the information Center for details about tuition and fees. 


  • The total training fee for each training course shall depend on whether it is a Diploma, a Bachelor's Degree or a Master's Degree program. Prospective candidates shall be informed of their required fee amount. 

  • Students are advised to contact the Admissions Office for details on program fees.


Refund Schedule of Tuition Fee for withdrawal from SLU
One week before commencement of classes     100%
Before the end of first (1st) week of classes       100%
Before the end of second (2nd) week of classes 70%
Before the end of third (3rd) week of classes     50%
Fourth (4th) week of classes 0%